Curated by Marina Grize
Produced by Julian Klincewicz, Edwin Negado, and Nick Lesley
Assistance from Anna Zeltins, Kevin Freligh, Alison Cummings, Shannon DeMarco
DJ: Albert Figueroa
*First installment Curated by Lissa Corona at Lux Art Institute, Encinitas, CA

Select Press

San Diego Art Institute (2014-2017), San Diego, CA

Hey, I Like You is Klincewicz’s exploration of the relationship between people and precious objects. Klincewicz investigates how those objects work as both surrogates for human connections and tools for empathy. In the first two iterations of the work silks with gold foil text were used to explore the idea and process through which objects can (and often are implemented to) work as surrogates/substitutes/intermediaries for human relationships and connections, specifically in the context of intimacy and vulnerability. The work as a whole is also a response to the concept of irony, and seeks to promote connection and empathy.

The first two installments of the work were shown in Encinitas and Tokyo, respectively. Medium, material, and form for each presentation of the work are site specific.

For the third installment of the work the focus medium shifts from Silk flags (Lux Art Institute, Encinitas) and handkerchiefs (S.O Gallery, Tokyo) to that of clothing and performance. The presentation of the work—A fashion show/catwalk—is meant to emphasize and explore the relationship (or lack thereof) between the atmospheres of “high fashion” and art in the context of San Diego.