Lora Mathis, Alexander Miranda, Akiko Surai, India K., Julian Klincewicz, and Tauba Auerbach
Curated by Lissa Corona and Marina Grize
Produced by A Ship in the Woods
Assistance from Anna Zeltins

Emerging artists of the Millennial and Z Generation are working between, around, and within digital and analog processes. Our experience of the physical world has been irrevocably transformed through daily interactions with screens, operating systems, and social media platforms. Twenty-first century communication and relational adaptability has moved at such a startling pace, that the aesthetic of nostalgia today is one often simulating analog details digitally. The vernacular of social media as our main form of communication and experience of visual culture must be considered when assessing the contextual implications of how work from artists under 40 is shared and consumed.

DITHER presents analog aesthetics and slow process captured, transformed, and dispersed digitally. The artist’s hand is recontextualized through editing, staging, directing, and presentation of objects both physical and ephemeral. How does the viewer’s experience shift when work swiped through on a handheld screen is presented tangibly, occupying physical space? Is intimacy relegated when mediated by digital platforms, or does the physicality of an artwork impart power and importance over the viewer?

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